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but here are some of our current services

branding & identity

We've connected some of the best designers on the planet to help with your branding. From Advertising to business products, we can take care of your needs.

Mass Communications + Payments

Our Gold2GK Communications Platform is essential to your daily operations, from sending mass personal text message all the way to your own business IVR! Contact us for your communications needs. All our WP+ Users will receive a free Merchant account with GoldPay. Get Paid faster today!

mobile design + Web Development + Continued Complete Web Hosting

We take our time to carefully create your web visions. To help beat our competitors, our quality deposit is about $375 with rebranding deposit around $435. If you love drop and drag, we have you covered! (Check out a demo) + we also have reliable means of providing for your mobile deployment. From Mobile apps to Mobile Web Apps. Find out which is best for you today.

Superior Support

Visit our HelpDesk+ to create a ticket and more.


Fresh portfolio of our products and services that will keep you wanting more.

Web Hosting

Low-Cost Premium Web Hosting for Every Need!

GoldPay USA by GoldFash

GoldPay USA*

GM WordPress (+)

Nobody knows Wordpress Like us! Free CDN, Free SSL + Wordpress in a Premium Cloud with Jam-Packed with Premium Features just for You! We keep your site up-to-date, we provide maintenance for you as needed, and most of all we keep you first!

Gold2GK Communications

We all need to market to our customers and family, why not use low cost mass sms marketing? :) Do not worry, we have you covered.


GRsellers allows you to resell our many services as your own! Set your pricing and keep 100% profits.


GoldMgmt works with you to strenghten key areas of your business. While working hand and hand with you to achieve the success your aiming for.

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